Bossanovand – Fever In My Heart

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Label:Black Doll


Used LP 1973

Disc:VG+ (slight surface noise under the private pressing, looks clean, totally nice shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs/wrinkles, totally not bad condition)

A private release in 1973, pressed as a graduation project of the Kobe Commerce University Band Club. A Brazilian jazz work that can be inferred from the group name, all originally composed by the six main student players led by leader Toshimasa Ando. Total 6 tunes are a surprise, sublimating elements of melancholy, passion, and lively rhythms that make it hard to believe that they were created by students, beginning with the flute-driven samba jazz of "Beat'n Samba", two melancholy bossa nova tunes on the A-side, over 8 minutes Caribbean jazz of "Caribbean Love Dance" with with its indigenous rhythms and excellent arrangements, beautiful and accomplished bossa jazz tune "Did I Not Tell You So?", and a swingy and flowing Brazilian jazz tune "Cocktail". Think this is a work that can definitely be placed in the top rank of Japanese private recordings. Superb.

神戸商科大学軽音楽部の卒業制作としてプレスされた73年の自主盤。リーダーの安藤俊正を中心としたメインの6名の学生プレイヤーによって全てオリジナルにて作曲された、グループ名からも推測できるブラジリアン・ジャズ作品。フルートを主体としたサンバ・ジャズ”Beat'n Samba”に始まり、哀愁漂うボサノバ調のA面の2曲、土着的なリズムにアレンジも秀逸な8分を超えるカリビアンジャズ”Caribbean Love Dance”、完成度の高い美しいボッサ・ジャズ”Did I Not Tell You So?”、スインギーで流れるような展開を見せるブラジリアン・ジャズ”Cocktail”と学生たちが作ったとは信じられないような哀愁、情熱、軽快なリズムといった要素が見事に昇華された驚きの全6曲。自主制作盤のトップランクに位置づけられること間違いない作品だと思います。素晴らしいの一言。

A1 - Beat'n Samba

A2 - Loving Your Smile

A3 - Fever In My Heart

B1 - Caribbean Love Dance

B2 - Did I Not Tell You So?

B3 - Cocktail