Boomerang = Бумеранг – Джаз-ансамбль Бумеранг

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Label:Мелодия – С60-18719-20


Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (slight surface noise at some parts, good shape overall)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs, not bad condition)

The first album in 1983 by Boomerang, an ethno-jazz group from Kazakhstan that has created a style that weaves together folk roots from the Caucasus, Asia, and the Orient, and has left behind a series of great pieces. Members include Vladimir Nazarov, who also left a good record at Medeo, trumpeter Yuri Parfenov, and saxophonist Victor Nikolayev. The album begins with “Семиречье” an attractive opening that develops into a dense jazz ensemble, followed "Хайтарма" where each performances are honed and thrillingly runs through, full of wanderlust ethno jazz ``Мадрас'', the spiritual ethnic jazz epic "Дервиш", and ‘Пагода ’Пагода”, which also gives a glimpse into the free spirit. Just amazing. Feel it loud.

コーカサス、アジア、東洋の民俗ルーツを織り交ぜたスタイルを作り出し名作群を残したカザフスタンの異能エスノジャズグループBoomerangが残した83年のファーストアルバム。Medeoでも良作を残すVladimir Nazarov、トランペット奏者Yuri Parfenov、サックス奏者Victor Nikolayevなどが在籍しています。香り立つ冒頭部から濃密なジャズアンサンブルへ発展していく”Семиречье”にはじまり、各人のパフォーマンスが研ぎ澄まされ大迫力にスリリングに駆け抜けていく”Хайтарма”、旅情に溢れたエスノジャズ”Мадрас”、スピリチュアル民族ジャズ大曲”Дервиш”、フリー感覚も覗かせる”Пагода "Пайя"の五感に響く渡る圧巻の全5曲。すごいです。是非大音量で。

A1 - Семиречье

A2 - Хайтарма

A3 - Мадрас

B1 - Дервиш

B2 - Пагода "Пайя"