Bobby T. & The Citiznes Bands / The Citizens Band – 40 Channels To Play / Boogie With The Channel

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Label:Top Ranking


Used 12" 19XX

Disc:VG+ (some scuffs/marks, feel light surface noise/pops, plays well, we judge VG+)


A disco monster 12" left over from Top Ranking, a Jamaican label run by the Lewis brothers Ian Lewis and Roger Lewis that released mainly roots reggae and dub. Produced by Roger Lewis with unknown Bobby T. & The Citiznes Bands, "40 Channels To Play" on the A-side is a killer tune that combines a danceable, wild beat, chorus with female vocals, synths, acid, and the B-side is lika an instrumental version with added organ playing is also great. Rumored to be another name for Inner Circle, which was formed by the Lewis brothers. Amazing. Some scuffs/marks but plays well.

Ian LewisとRoger LewisのLewis兄弟が運営していたルーツレゲエやダブなどを中心にリリースしていたジャマイカのレーベルTop Rankingに残されたディスコ・モンスター。プロデュースはRoger Lewisが手掛け詳細不明のBobby T. & The Citiznes Bandsによるダンサンブルでワイルドなビート、ゴスペルライクな女性ヴォーカルとのコーラス、シンセ、アシッドが一体となったキラー・チューン”40 Channels To Play”をA面に、B面にはオルガンの演奏がプラスされたインストのような仕様でこちらも強力。これはヤバいです。Lewis兄弟が結成していたInner Circleの別名義との噂も。ジャマイカ盤につき擦れなどありますが再生良好の部類です。

A - Bobby T. & The Citiznes Bands– 40 Channels To Play

B - The Citizens Band – Boogie With The Channel