Bisikita Avec L'Orchestre Makosso-Soul – Bomengo

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Used LP 1982

Disc:VG+ (visual hairlines, light surface noise at mainly quiet part, totally good condition)

Jacket:VG+ (light wears, not bad condition)

Co-production by Congolese musician Pierre Bissikita and Afro band L'Orchestre Makosso-Soul in 1982. The whole album is a gentle and pleasant soukous tune with female vocals, and A2/B3 are especially recommended. Total good quality piece. From the ASL label Kenya, which has produced many good works.

コンゴ人ミュージシャンPierre BissikitaとアフロバンドL'Orchestre Makosso-Soulによる82年の共作。女性ヴォーカルと歌われる終始緩やかで心地よい雰囲気のスークースを全編に収録していて、A2/B3が特にオススメ。クオリティを感じる良質な一枚。良作を数多く残すケニアのASLレーベルから。

A1 - Bomengo

A2 - Kirita

B1 - Mayos

B2 - Nkaza