Bena Roberto ‎– Cara Lavada

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Used LP 1987

Disc:VG+ (nice shape)

Jacket:VG (ring wear,scrubs,on sticker,slightly water stain,writing on back) w/Original insert

A singer/composer Bena Roberto from Bahia, probably the only release in 1987(we received a message from himself and there is another CD release). It is also convinced that the groove spun from tropical and samba is close to reggae and some enthusiasts send hot eyes. Among them, B3 "Onde Eu Te Conheci" which can be expressed as tropical urban Brazilian reggae is outstanding, followed by B1 "Não Vou Não" where sweet vocals melt into a resort-like atmosphere, Reggae MPB style A5 "Xote Menina" with suspicious harmony and depressing vocals is also nice.

バイーア出身のシンガー/コンポーザーBena Robertoのおそらく唯一作と思われる87年の作品(ご本人よりメッセージ頂きまして他にもCDのリリースがあるとの事です)。トロピカル、サンバから紡ぎ出されるグルーヴがレゲエに接近していて一部の好事家から熱い視線が送られるのも納得の内容となっています。中でもトロピカル・アーバン・ブラジリアンレゲエと表現できそうなB3"Onde Eu Te Conheci"が抜群の出来、続いてリゾート感たっぷりの雰囲気に自身の甘いヴォーカルが溶け合うB1"Não Vou Não",怪しいハーモニーに鬱気なヴォーカルで展開するレゲエMPBスタイルのA5"Xote Menina"もいいですね。

A5 - Xote Menina

B1 - Não Vou Não

B3 - Onde Eu Te Conheci