Bang Me = 방미 – 12집

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Label:Jigu Records – JLS-1202173

Country:South Korea

Used LP 1988

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light wear on back) w/insert (light brown wear)

1989 album by Bang Me, a popular Korean singer. The songs are mainly composed with sophisticated groove and luxurious coloration typical of this era, among them synth pop tune B4 "속시원히 말해봐", moody ballad pop A2 눈물처럼", AOR style A1 "어디 갔을까", obscure funky pop "더 이상 늦기전에  are excellent. Highly recommended her work from the mid-80s.

韓国人人気歌手Bang Meの89年作。この時代らしい洗練されたグルーヴにラグジュアリーな色気を感じさせる楽曲群が中心となっていて、中でもシンセ・ポップ・チューンB4”속시원히 말해봐”、ムーディーなバラード・ポップA2”눈물처럼”、AOR調のA1”어디 갔을까”、オブスキュア・ファンキー・ポップ”더 이상 늦기전에”は秀逸。この人の80年代中頃からの作品はオススメです。

A1 - 어디 갔을까

A2 - 눈물처럼

A3 - 더 이상 늦기전에

A5 - 그대 정말 싫어

B4 - 속시원히 말해봐