Banda Mel – Do Brasil

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Used LP 1989

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light ring wear, totally nice condition)

1989 piece by Banda Mel, a large band from scene of Axé that combines various Afro-Caribbean genres such as marcha, reggae and calypso, originating from Bahia. Includes many happy-type songs from gentle beats to middle beats, particular recommend B4 "Dia A Dia Olodum" which could be described as Balearic Axé, B1 "Pixote" which has more reggae type, and tropical dub type A1 "Ginga E Expressão". Excellent Axé album.

バイーア発祥のマルチャ、レゲエ、カリプソなどのアフロカリビアンのさまざまなジャンルを融合させたAxéの大所帯バンドBanda Melの89年作。緩やかなビートからミドルビートのご機嫌な楽曲中心で、中でもバレアリック・Axéとでも表現できそうなB4”Dia A Dia Olodum”、レゲエ成分多めのB1”Pixote”、トロピカル・ダブ調のA1”Ginga E Expressão”などオススメ。使えそうな曲沢山入ってます。

A1 - Ginga E Expressão

B1 - Pixote

B4 - Dia A Dia Olodum