Banda Afro-Reggae Orunmila ‎– Orunmila O Comeco ''Swing De Arrepiar''

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Label:Vinil Press


Used LP 1993

Disc:VG+ (begging part of A1 has scratch affect sound a bit( please check audio sample) ,other parts are good shape) 

Jacket:VG+ (age wear/scrubs, not bad condition)

An independent piece release from 1993, based on the Brazilian Afro-Reggae sound, which can be guessed from the title, with a glimpse of Candomblé and other influences. The most interesting part of this album is the sophisticated arrangement of the rhythms, which is different from other works of this type.


A1 - Swing De Arrepiar

A2 - Oba Tiwa Bob Marley

A5 - Instrumental