Atsushi Chikuma = 竹間淳 – Divertimento

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Used LP 1986

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Atsushi (Jun) Chikuma is a composer who has provided game music such as Bomberman series and also has a side as an Arab musician as a Nai player used in Arabic classical music. This is the first LP released in 1986 before the aforementioned explanation, and except for the last track "Climb-Down" all the drum machines, samplers, more were recorded by the artist himself. All four tracks are expressed with a genius combination of sounds. Just outstanding. The original version we've been looking for for a long time is finally in stock.

ボンバーマンシリーズに代表されるゲーム音楽始め数々の楽曲提供およびアラブ古典音楽で使われるナイ奏者としてアラブ音楽家の顔も持つ作曲家 竹間淳。本作はそれ以前にリリースされていた86年の自主ファーストLP。ラストの”Climb-Down”以外はドラムマシンやサンプラー全て自身の演奏による多重録音作品。天才的な音の組み合わせで表現された全4曲。たまりません。ずっと探していたオリジナル盤ようやく入荷できました。

A1 - Broadcast Profanity Delay

A2 - Pataphysique

B1 - Divertimento

B2 - Climb-Down