Undersun ‎– Musica Sin Sombras

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Used LP 1987

Disc:VG+ (A1 has deep scrach affect to play ,other part are fine)

Jacket:VG+ (some small white paint wear,totally not bad condition )

The only work by the one-off project Undersun, led by Mexican musician Arturo Meza, who has been combining folk, rock, progressive and ethnic music in his own unique way. B side is particularly noteworthy B2 with Balearic feeling, and B3 with Argentine rock atmosphere are especially great. It's a little-known piece that is consistently filled with a mysterious fragrance. Godd for DJ playing too.

民族音楽とロック、プログレ、フォークを結び付け独特のスタンスで活動を続けてきたメキシコ人音楽家Arturo Mezaが率いたワンオフプロジェクトUndersunの唯一作。B面が特に注目でバレアリック感覚も感じられるB2、アルゼンチンロックのような雰囲気漂うB3の二曲が白眉。一貫してミステリアスな香りが充満する知られざる一枚。DJプレイにも組み込みやすいです。

B2 - Tierra Budhicas

B3 - Puerta Del Sol