Aragon - S.T.

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Label:Invitation – VIH-28207


Used LP 1985

Disc:VG+/VG (linear scratch at the beginning of side B which is noticeable, other parts plays fine)

Jacket:VG+ (slight wears, not bad condition) w/insert(creases), two photo seats (creases), no obi

Keishi Urata, Tsuyoshi Kon, Tatsuo Hayashi, Kazuhiro Nishimatsu, Shoji Namba, Pecker, and other pioneers of the Japanese leftfield world have come together to produce this master piece by Aragon. This gem was produced by these first-class musicians who spent nearly two years refining all aspects of musicality such as electronic music, ethnic music, ethno music, ambient music. The use of space by sound magician Keishi Urata, the expansion of the vocal sound, for which over a million microphones were used at the time, and the solid tones played by virtuoso musicians, including ethnic instruments. There is a linear scratch at the beginning of side B, which is noticeable, so we are offering it at low price. Other parts are in good condition.

浦田恵司, 今剛, 林立夫, 西松一博, 難波正司, Peckerなどレフトフィールドに接続するアーティストが一堂に会したAragonによる日本が世界に誇る名盤。この一流ミュージシャン達が二年近くかけて電子音楽、民族音楽、エスノミュージック、アンビエント等あらゆる音楽性を煮詰めて完成された逸品。音の魔術師 浦田恵司による空間使い、当時で100万を超えるマイクが使われたというヴォーカルの音の広がり、民族楽器を含む名手が奏でる確かな音色。ただただ耳を傾けてほしいです。B面冒頭に線状の傷あり音に出るためお安くしております。それ以外は良好なコンディションです。

A1 - 家路

A2 - Horridula

A3 - あやとり

B1 - 手編の音符 (has scratche part)

B3 - かかし

B4 - Polaris