Aquarela Carioca – Contos

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Label:Visom Digital – 5900016


Used LP 1991

Disc:VG+ (good shape, only feel slight surface noise at mainly quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs, totally good condition as Brazilian cover)

The second album by Aquarela Carioca, a five-member Brazilian group that also collaborated with Ney Matogrosso on their next album. Total 12 tracks that are inscribed with sound experiments that combine Brazilian percussion such as pandeiro, moringa, berimbau, cuica, darbake, and balafon with oriental elements from the Caribbean, Africa, and India. "O Canto Do Cisne Negro", which reconstructs the music of the legendary Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos with numerous percussion instruments, magical groove "Malmequer" with Ney Matogrosso's vocal participation, experimental approach "Jóia" based on Caetano's track, total unusual contents. If you like the sounds of Priscilla Ermel, Maria Rita, Julio Pimentel, think you'll be hooked.

次作ではNey Matogrossoとの共作も残している5人組ブラジリアングループAquarela Cariocaのセカンドアルバム。パンデイロ、モリンガ、ビリンバウ、クイーカ、ダルバケ、バラフォンなどのブラジル産のパーカッションとカリブ、アフリカ、インドからのオリエンタルな成分を結びつけた大陸交差実験が刻まれた全12曲。ブラジルが生んだ偉大な音楽家Heitor Villa-Lobosの楽曲を数々の打楽器と共に再構築した”O Canto Do Cisne Negro”、Ney Matogrossoがヴォーカルで参加した呪術的グルーブを放つ”Malmequer”、Caetanoの楽曲を題材に実験的なアプローチを見せる”Jóia”など一筋縄ではいかない入念に磨かれた楽曲ばかり。Priscilla Ermel, Maria Rita, Julio Pimentelなどに通じる世界観。あまり認知されていませんが推薦盤です。

A1 - Abertura

A2 - Kashmir

A4 - O Canto Do Cisne Negro

A5 - Malmequer

B1 - Jóia

B2 - Mahamuni

B3 - Mundo Animal