Another Green World – Boondocks

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Used Cassette 1988

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Another Green World, a duo consisting of keyboardist Paul Chousmer and saxophonist Dan "Spannerman" Carpenter, released an independent cassette tape in 1988. While using woodwind instruments, percussion, the mysterious organic ambient/new age as the title means forest area is recorded throughout. Total 8 tracks from deep/spiritual tunes like B4/A1 to shimmering B1/B2 that depict the richness of nature. It's a work of perfection that shows that attention was paid to every detail. The simple green jacket also adds to the nostalgia.

キーボード奏者のPaul Chousmerとサックス奏者のDan "Spannerman" CarpenterによるデュオAnother Green Worldによる88年の自主カセットテープ作品。木管楽器、パーカッション等も用いながら、森林地帯や奥地を意味するタイトル通りの神秘的な有機アンビエント/ニューエイジを全編に収録。B4/A1の様なディープ/スピリチュアルな曲から豊かな自然を描いたような煌めくB1/B2まで全8曲。隅々まで気が配られたのが伝わる完成度。この簡素な緑のジャケもノスタルジーを引き立てます。

A1 - You Can Get There From Here

B1 - Sunday, Maybe

B2 - Hang It On This

B3 - The Big Fish

B4 - Boondocks