Anima – Cities

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Label:LLE Label ‎– LLE-3003


Used 7" 19XX

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

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Yasuhiro Nakano, the director of LLE Label, which had released many master works, has also produced legendary works in his own band D.R.Y. Project, and is currently known as the owner of Shop Mecano in Nakano area. This 7" single was produced by Nakano, and features the vocal of Anima Kanae, a member of that D.R.Y. Project. All 4 tunes that are completely ahead of the times, not rushing to the beat as is often the case with female vocal new wave stuff, but rather developing in an unhurried, experimental and industrial way. Impressive.

良作揃いのLLE Labelにてディレクターを務め、自らのD.R.Y. Projectでも伝説的な作品を残し、現在は中野のShop Mecano店主として知られる中野泰博。本作はその中野氏がプロデュースを務め、D.R.Y. Projectの一員でもあるAnima Kanaeのヴォーカルをフィーチャーしたソロ名義作。女性ヴォーカルものによくあるビートに突っ走る感じではなく端正かつ実験インダストリアルな展開の時代の先をいった全4曲。傑作。

A1 - Logical Nation

A2 - On the Clouds

B1 - Melt into the City

B2 - Not Only One