Angel Pereira, Conrad Setó ‎– Sense Títol

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Label:Musica Per A Anna


Used LP 1985

Disc:VG+ (only slight silent noise as vintage quiet record, great condition)

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Co-produced by Catalan keyboardist Conrad Setó and percussionist Angel Pereira in 1985. In addition to Conrad's own tunes, the album features modern classical arrangements of Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin and others. First of all, the A2 "Tanit" from Conrad's first album Magic, which was replayed with fresh piano and woodwinds, is great, and John McLaughlin's B1 “Guardian Angel's --Lotus Feed” and Pat Metheny's “Apil Joy” are also great performances. It was released on the Musica Per A Anna label, the same label that released the great double album "Joc De Dames" by Conrad Seto the following year.

カタルーニャ出身の鍵盤奏者Conrad Setóと打楽器奏者Angel Pereiraによる85年の共同プロデュース作品。Conrad自身の曲に加えPat Metheny,‎John McLaughlinなどの楽曲を二人の手によってモダンクラシカル風にアレンジしている内容で、まずは瑞々しいピアノと木管楽器で再演された名作Magicに収録のA2”Tanit”がやはり素晴らしいです、‎更にJohn McLaughlinのB1”Guardian Angel's - Lotus Feed”やPat Methenyの”Apil Joy”も二人のテクニカルな演奏で見逃せません。翌年にはConrad Setoによる二枚組名セカンドアルバム”Joc De Dames”をリリースするMusica Per A Annaレーベルからのリリース。

A2 - Tanit

B1 - Guardian Angel's - Lotus Feed

B3 - Apil Joy