Andrew Gordon – Silhouette

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Label:Eagle Records – SM 4199


Used LP 1985

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Andrew Gordon, a British composer/keyboardist who has worked on music for TV shows, movies, theater, and commercials. After working at London's first synthesizer retail store in the latter half of the 1970s, this first album was completed after more than five years of production from the beginning of his career under the guidance of pianist Michael Garson, whom he met after moving to California. The all 7 tracks are indescribable proto-funk, with bare, raw rhythm machine beatings intertwined with naughty synths and overtones. The mellow synth funk "Walking The Lonely Streets", which he happened to find used in the drama, and our favorite "Rattlesnake Shake", which is irresistible for electronic use are highlight, simply awesome overall. The creation of sound is similar to something like Venezuela's finest Vinicio Adames. Comes dead stock copy that has only been played a few times and has been opened.

テレビ番組、映画、演劇、コマーシャル等の音楽を手掛けてきたイギリス出身の作曲家/鍵盤奏者Andrew Gordon。本作は70年後半のロンドン初のシンセサイザー小売店での勤務を経て、米カルフォルニア移住後に出会ったピアニストMichael Garsonの指導の元、キャリア初期から5年以上の制作を経て完成させたファーストアルバム。剥き出しのロウファイなリズムマシーンの打ち込みにイタないシンセや上音が絡む何とも言えないプロトファンク全7曲。米ドラマに使われていたのを偶然本人が見つけたというメロウ・シンセ・ファンク”Walking The Lonely Streets”、当店的にはドープさが交じる絶妙なバランス感覚がたまらない”Rattlesnake Shake”が押しですが全編最高。少しタイプ異なりますがヴェネズエラのVinicio Adamesの音の作りにも似てますね。数回再生のみのデッドストック品を開封したものになります。

A1 - Confusagroove

A2 - Rattlesnake Shake

A3 - Walking The Lonely Streets

A4 - On The Move

B1 - Monterey Street H B

B2 - Turnaround

B3 - It's So Funky In Here I Can't Stand It