Amleset Abai – Dekise Neire/Sadulaie

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Label:Philips – PH 109


Used LP 19XX

Disc:VG+/VG (feel light back noise, visible hairlines plays great, we don't think it's sunburn there is a similar kind of burn, but it doesn't affect playback (It may be original), totally nice condition as african vintage record, we judge close to VG+)

Jacket:VG+/VG (about 2 cm cut on bottom part, some cut part, please check photos)

7 ”single by Amleset Abai, a Ethiopian singer/player of 6-string lyre called Kral originated in Ethiopia. Includes both Dekise Neire/Sadulaie tunes, an Afro trad-folk song groove accented with a strummed part and chorus, while having a simple composition of electrically amplified Kral, clapping, and voice. The unique vibes that resemble Okinawan Minyo song.

エチオピア発祥のクラルと呼ばれる6弦竪琴弾きシンガーAmleset Abaiによる7”シングル。電気増幅されたクラル、手拍子、声のみのシンプルな構成ながら、かき鳴らされるパートとコーラスがアクセントとなったアフロ民謡グルーヴDekise Neire/Sadulaieの両曲を収録。沖縄民謡にも似た独特のバイブスが最高。

A - Dekise Neire

B - Sadulaie

YouTube link is recorded by this same record.