Alla Pugatsova = Алла Пугачева – Зеркало Души

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Label:Мелодия - 33 С 60—09799-9800


Used LP 1977

Disc:VG+ (good shape, clean and shiny, label has small writing)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs/wears, good condition)

1977 release album by Alla Pugatsova, a Moscow-born multi-artist known for her work as an actress, director, and composer in addition to being a singer. Includes many wired funk tunes mostly composed by prodigy Aleksandr Zatsepin. In particular, A1 "Бубен Шамана" with a crazy development from the mysterious beginning and synth mid-funk A3 "Сонет" that would not be possible outside the Soviet Union are the best. The ballad-like song on the B-side is also unique. 

シンガーの他にも女優、演出家、作曲家としての活動でも知られるモスクワ出身のマルチアーティストAlla Pugatsovaの77年作。コンポーズの大半を占めるソ連の奇才音楽家Aleksandr Zatsepinが手掛けたワイアード・ファンクを多数収録。とりわけソ連以外ではありえないであろうミステリアスな序盤からのクレイジーな展開がたまらないA1”Бубен Шамана”とシンセ・ミッド・ファンクA3”Сонет”は最高。B面に収録のバラード風な曲もやっぱり独特。

A1 - Бубен Шамана

A2 - Верю В Тебя

A3 - Сонет

B1 - Приезжай

B3 - Песенка Про Меня