Alessandroni E Il Suo Complesso – L'Ora Del Cocktail

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Label:Cenacolo – M 720


Used LP 1978

Disc:VG+ (totally nice shape, only feel slight surface noise at quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (light brown wear on back, other parts are good condition)

1978 work by Alessandro Alessandoni, an Italian composer/multi-instrumentalist with a huge collection of releases, including many valuable works. This one is a library work that contains lounge type jazz/bossa tunes as the title of "Cocktail Hour", include opening track "Sole Verde" with groovy rhythm with an impressive tone of the keyboard instrument Celesta, "Momento In Due", an elegant lounge bosa with moderato feeling, both "Ultima Spiaggia" & "Verdemare" bossa type tunes with synth. The soft composition that feels playful is also wonderful. Would like to have a drink at a bar that plays like this music.

貴重作も多く膨大なリリース群を持つイタリア人コンポーザー/マルチ奏者 Alessandro Alessandoniの78年作。本作は”カクテルアワー”のタイトル通りラウンジタイプのジャズ/ボッサ曲を収録したライブラリー作品。鍵盤楽器チェレスタの音色が印象的な軽妙なリズムでオープニングを飾る"Sole Verde"、モデラート(節度あるの伊語)が込められた優雅なラウンジボサ"Momento In Due"、シンセを用いたボッサタイプの”Ultima Spiaggia”,"Verdemare"の両曲、ハイライトのドラムマシーン乱れる”Fuoristrada”を筆頭に捨て曲なし。遊び心も感じる柔らかなコンポージングも素敵です。こんな曲がかかるバーで一杯ひっかけたい。

A1 - Sole Verde

A2 - Via Mare

A3 - Momento In Due

B1 - Ultima Spiaggia

B2 - Verdemare

B4 - Fuoristrada