Alessandro Salvini – Quarta Dimensione

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Label:Studio Recording M – SRM 121


Used LP 1987

Disc:VG+ (very slight edge wrapped not affect to sound, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (minor wears, good category) 

A collection of works by unknown musician from Italy named Alessandro Salvini. Luigi Montagna, a sound engineer/multi-instrumentalist who has been involved with his own releases and library/Italo works, is the key person to this work. The entire album is a variety of instrumental ballads, synth-pop, ethno tune, and ambient, all with a sense of Italian romanticism. Recommend to start with the tender romantic ballad "It Was Only A Joke," ambient tune "Gocce Di Luna" with its profound soundscape, and the pale synth-pop tune "The First Time". Although it's a completely unknown work, it shows the Italian quality.

イタリアから届いたAlessandro Salviniなる無名のミュージシャンによる作品集。この作品のキーとなる自身によるリリースやライブラリー/イタロ作品等に関わる音響エンジニア/マルチ奏者Luigi Montagnaが全面参加。全編イタリアらしいロマンシズムを感じさせるインストゥルメンタル・バラード~シンセ・ポップ~エスノサウンド~アンビエントまでバラエティな内容。まずは優し気なロマンティック・バラード”It Was Only A Joke”、深遠なサウンドスケープのアンビエント曲”Gocce Di Luna”、淡いシンセポップ”The First Time”からどうぞ。全く知られていない作品ですがさすがのイタリアンクオリティを見せてくれています。

A1 - It Was Only A Joke

A2 - Pegaso

A4 - The First Time

A6 - Silvia

B1 - Because Of The Darkness

B2 - Maya

B5 - Gocce Di Luna

All this YouTube sound sources are recorded from this copy.