Alessandro Raffaelli - Esposizioni

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Label:RCA – SP 10097


Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+/VG (tear part on bottom, light scuffs/creases, totally good condition)

Probably the only work left by Italian keyboard player/composer Alessandro Raffaelli, who originally focused on producing sound sources for television and radio. Contains synth pop and urban funk with a wired feel that is sometimes shown while centering on Italian-like neat and glittering grooves. Beginning with the title song "Esposizioni" with new age feeling, followed by cosmic synth disco "Winter Song", mellow synth pop with female scatting "My Music", downtempo-type "Future Earth", and highlight urban funk "White Night". The library-like freedom that comes up occasionally is also a listening pleasure.

元はテレビやラジオの為の音源制作を中心に活動していたというイタリア人鍵盤奏者/作曲家Alessandro Raffaelliが残したおそらく唯一の作品。イタリアらしい端正かつ煌めくグルーヴを軸にしながらも時折見せるワイヤードな感覚を持ったシンセ・ポップ~アーバン・ファンクを収録。ニューエイジ感覚のタイトル曲”Esposizioni”に始まり、コズミックなシンセ・ディスコ”Winter Song”、女性のスキャットの入るメロウ・シンセポップ”My Music”、ダウンテンポ調の”Future Earth”、ハイライトのアーバン・ファンク”White Night”までいい曲入ってます。たまに出て来るフリーダムっぷりも聴き所。

A1 - Esposizioni

A2 - Winter Song

A4 - My Music

B2 - Future Earth

B3 - Good Night, Sally

B5 - White Night