Alcides Neves ‎– Des(Trambelhar)... Ou Não

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Label:Amusp ‎– ANLP-2000


Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (has hair lines but not affect sound,very good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (has scrubs and one scratch on back,totally good condition as brazilian stuff,NO cut,break)

Alcides Neves created a highly complete crossover album with sound making across various instruments and genres even in the 1st LP "Tempo de Fratura" in 1979, this is 2nd LP that he announced four years later and further advanced the density to make it a work that would shake the five senses violently.In a swaying atmosphere based on sounds such as fusion, the sound experience is hard to describe in a genre where the ensemble of each instrument that appears unexpectedly is intertwined with nature. It is a masterpiece including a jacket.

79年の1st LP "Tempo de Fratura"でも様々な楽器、ジャンルを跨いだサウンドメイキングで完成度の高いクロスオーバーアルバムを作り上げたAlcides Neves、彼がその4年後に発表した更にその密度を更に推し進めて五感を激しく揺すぶってくれるかのような作品に仕上げた2nd LP。フュージョンなどの音を基本にゆらゆら~と揺れている雰囲気の中、不意に現れる各楽器のアンサンブルが妙に自然と絡み合うジャンルには形容しがたい音体験。ジャケット含めて傑作です。

A1 - Recuerdos "Tempo de Fratura"

A3 - Abutre - Abate - Amorfo

B3 - Descampado

B5 - Maracatu Martelado