Alameda Central – Novas Visões Urbanas

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Label:Clave De Sol Discos – 803.621


Used LP 1988 Gatefold

Disc:VG+ (light surface noise, totally good shape) 

Jacket:VG+ (scuffs, some stain parts, light ring wear on back, not bad condition as Brazilian cover, please check photos) w/insert

The only work by Alameda Central, a one-off project led by Brazilian producer Heraldo Palmeira. Fortunately, due to the musicians' strike at the time, the recording took place in high-class studio used like a Pink Floyd or top artits, and Heraldo's years of touring experience led to the participation of top musicians such as Mingo Araújo, Hugo Fattoruso, and Mauricio Einhorn. The A-side is especially great, combining samba and reggae-digested rhythm work, saudade-derived urban tones, modern essence. Probably a release on its own label, total sophisticated piece that is described as a sound that will be appreciated 20 years.

ブラジル人プロデューサーHeraldo Palmeiraを中心に録音されたワンオフプロジェクトAlameda Centralによる唯一作。当時、ミュージシャン達のストライキと重なり幸運にもピンクフロイドなどが使うような一級スタジオで録音が行われ、同時に長年のツアー経験からMingo Araújo,Hugo Fattoruso,Mauricio Einhornなどのトップミュージシャンが参加した知られざる作品となっています。特にサンバやレゲエが消化されたリズムワーク、サウダージ由来のメロウネス、アーバンなエッセンスが混じり合うA面の楽曲群が素晴らしい。おそらく自身のレーベルからのリリース、20年後に評価されるサウンドと自ら語るようにブラジルらしさの中にも先見性も垣間見える良作。

A1 - Cartão Postal

A2 - Trem Pra Buenos

A3 - Ilha Bella 

A4 - Os Lobos

B4 - Grupo De Risco

B5 - Rodoviária