Akira = 伊藤詳 ‎– Prayers = 禱 - いのり -

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Label:Green & Water ‎– Series: Music For Inochi


Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+/EX (perfect shape)

Jacket:VG+ (clean) w/obi integrated insert (brown wear)

Keyboerf player/Environmental musician Akira Ito. After leaving the Far East Family Band, he has been pursuing music for peace and working in various fields, and is one of the Japanese musicians who has gained tremendous support overseas. This is one of the most popular pieces in the "Inochi" series curated by him. The theme of the album is the global environment, and it contains new age sounds that penetrate deeply into the body while incorporating natural sounds.

Far East Family Band脱退後はやすらぎを求めた音楽の追及や様々な分野へ取り組んできた伊藤詳。その彼がキュレーションを務めた"Inochi"シリーズでもひと際支持を得る一枚。地球環境をテーマに掲げた作品で自然音を取り入れながら身体に深く入り込んで来るニューエイジサウンドが収められています。

A1 - 母(地球)への祈り パート1

A3 - 母(地球)への祈り パート3

B1 - 子供たち(自然)への祈り パート1