Akira Ito = 伊藤詳 ‎– Four Corners Of The Water = 一水四見

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Label:Green & Water


Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+ (great shape,only silent surface noise as quiet record)

Jacket:VG+ (only slight scrub on edge/upper part) w/obi integrated insert

Replacing the word "water" with "human being", I would like to say that every human being has something good to offer, and in order to find it, I would like you to have the space in your heart to look at the person, the person itself, not from one side but from all sides.

This is a part of the Music For Inochi series by Akira Itoh, whose title implies that each life should cherish each other's wonderful things, and that they should continue their wonderful journey. Relaxation and ease are the words used to describe the sound particles. We hope you can feel it.


タイトルに込められたそれぞれの生命がお互いの素晴らしいものを大切にしあうこと、素晴らしい旅を続けてくれるよう願った伊藤詳によるMusic For Inochiシリーズの一枚。宇宙的感覚で表現されるやすらぎを運ぶ音の粒子。是非感じ取ってみて下さい。

A2 - 自息光射 / Light

A3 - 心燃美光 / Beauty

A4 - 安求心動 / Heart

B2 - 夢心 / Dreamin

B4 - 愛包心気 / Lovin