Akira Iijima = 飯島晃 ‎– A Music Book Of Combo Rakia's = コンボ・ラキアスの音楽帖

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Label: Puff Up


Used CD 1990


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Satoru Fujii, an engineer who has been involved in the avant-garde work of Masashi Kitamura and Koharu Kisaragi. This is the second release from Puff Up, the label he ran and which has been reissued in recent years and it's a '90 album by Akira Iijima, a guitarist who studied under Masayuki Takayanagi and died young. Total 21 tracks are full of delicate and nostalgic, with contributions from Shinoda Masami, Mukoujima Yuriko, Kondo Tatsuro and Shimizu Kazuto. Amazing.

北村昌士や如月小春の前衛的作品に関わってきたエンジニア藤井暁。その彼が運営していた近年リイシューもされたレーベルPuff Up、そちらの2番にリリースされた高柳昌行を師とし若くして亡くなったギタリスト飯島晃の90年作。篠田昌已、向島ゆり子、近藤達郎、清水一登らが参加しながらデリケートにそしてノスタルジー溢れる全21曲。素晴らしいです。

T1 - Five Songs For A Fox In The Thorn

T10 - A Gentleman And The Elephant Garden

T17 - The Waiting Grounds 1

T18 - The Waiting Grounds 2

T19 - The Waiting Grounds 3

T20 - The Waiting Grounds 4