Akira = 伊藤詳 – Marine Flowers (Science Fantasy)

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Label:Green & Water – Music For Inochi - R28X-1003


Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+ (great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs, totally good condition) w/obi integrated insert 

Keyboard player/Environmental musician Akira Ito. After leaving the Far East Family Band, he has been pursuing music for peace and working in various fields, and here is one of the most important pieces in the "Inochi" series curated by Ito. Composed as a documentary on marine wildlife, this work was created for the LaserDisc campaign, and is a masterpiece that condenses elements such as spacey, ethno, and healing. Finally in stock.

Far East Family Band脱退後はやすらぎを求めた音楽の追及や様々な分野へ取り組んできた伊藤詳。その彼がキュレーションを務めた"Inochi"シリーズでも最も重要と言える一枚がこちら。海の野生動物のドキュメンタリーとして構成され、レーザーディスク・キャンペーンのために制作された作品で、スペイシー、エスノ、ヒーリングと言った要素が凝縮された名作。ようやく入荷できました。

A2 - 水色の聖地 / W・A・T・E・R

A4 - 精美 / Essence Of Beauty

B3 - 生生流転 / Life Goes On

B4 - 終章 青き久遠 / Epilogue, Out Of Endless Blue