Akio Niitsu = 新津章夫 – Music Box of Sparkle

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Label:Philips – SNH-1013


Used 7" 1978

Disc:VG+ (at the beginning of side A, there is a small sound that seems to be a press mistake, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG (taped, tears, light wear)

Akio Niitsu, a true talented musician who died at the young age of 49 after having left behind three original albums and MUJI background music works during the nine years of his career since his debut in 1978. This is a promo single that seems to have been distributed to the people concerned before the release of the debut album "I・O" which continues to release its charm even now. The A-side contains the fairy tale dreamy "Music Box of Sparkle", and the B-side "Orange Paradox" where a kaleidoscope-like world emerges from the beat of the rhythm box. The jacket is a monochrome version designed by Tadanori Yokoo. There is a tear and taped. Although it's quite rare, in cheap price with taped and tear.

78年のデヴューから活動期間約9年の間に独創的な三枚のアルバムと無印良品のBGM作品を残し音楽界から身を消したのち49歳の若さで亡くなった才人 新津章夫。本作は今なお魅力を放し続けるデヴューアルバム” I・O”発売前に関係者に配られたと思われるプロモシングル。A面にはメルヘン夢心地な”Music Box of Sparkle”、B面にはリズムボックスの打ち込みに万華鏡の様な世界が出現する”Orange Paradox”を収録。ジャケットは横尾忠則が手掛けたモノクロ版。稀少ですがジャケットにテープと破れあるので安価にて。

A - Music Box of Sparkle

B - Orange Paradox