Akina Nakamori = 中森明菜 – Cruise

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Label:Reprise Records – 25L4-80


Used Cassette 1989

Tape:VG+ (plays fine)

Sleeve/Case:VG+ (outer sleeve has light white scrubs/wrinkles, white case has a slightly discolored part, totally not bad condition)

The 14th album released in 1989 by Akina Nakamori, one of the most popular female idol singers of the 80's. In addition to the last release as an LP, it is known as one of her masterpieces because of the content composed of medium and slow tempo tunes. This is also a rare cassette version. The sound quality is also great.

80年を代表する女性アイドル歌手 中森明菜が89年にリリースした通算14枚目のアルバム。LPとしては最後のリリースに加えミディアムやスローテンポの楽曲で構成された内容から傑作の一つとして知られています。こちらも貴重となっているカセット版。音質も綺麗です。