Akina Nakamori = 中森明菜 – Crimson

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Label:Reprise Records – L-12650


Used LP 1986

Disc:EX (great condition)

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The 10th album by top idol Akina Nakamori. This album is one of her most popular and conceptual work. In addition to Tatsuro Yamashita's connection with Mariya Takeuchi and Kazuo Shiina, Shiro Sagisu also participated. Among them, Mariya Takeuchi also self-covered the album "Request" released the following year, both songs "Oh No, Oh Yes!", "Station", urban boogie type danceable "Mind Game", "Mosaic No Shiro" are great. It's a work that feels quality musically, which does not seem to be an idol.

トップアイドル中森明菜の通算10枚目のアルバム。彼女の作品の中でもコンセプチャルな内容の人気作。竹内まりやと椎名和夫の山下達郎コネクションに加え鷺巣詩郎が参加。中でも竹内まりやも翌年リリースのアルバム”Request"でもセルフカバーした”Oh No, Oh Yes!”,"駅”の両曲、アーバン・ブギータイプのダンサンブルな”Mind Game”,"モザイクの城"などオススメ。アイドルものと一線を画す非常にクオリティを感じる作品となっています。

A1 - Mind Game

A2 - 駅

A5 - Oh No, Oh Yes!

B2 - モザイクの城