Aka – Aka Pygmy Music

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Label:Philips – 6586 016


Used LP 1973

Disc:VG+ (slight surface noise at some part, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light brown wear mainly on back, totally not bad condition)

The recordings focus on the Pygmy Aka of southwestern Central Africa, who left in a series of more than 125 albums made with the cooperation of ethnomusicologist Alain Daniélou and the UNESCO-founded Institute for the Study of Ethnomusicology. The contents is mainly composed of traditional choruses, among which "Bosobè" and "Kokoyandongo" both of which feature primitive percussion ensembles and choruses with children, and "Dikoboda Sombe" in which two women move from solo to duet, singing as they go is captivating. World heritage of human music.

民族音楽学者Alain Daniélouとユネスコ創設の研究所の協力の元125以上のアルバムを残しているシリーズに残された中央アフリカ南西部に住むピグミー・アカにフォーカスした録音物。伝統の合唱を中心に収録した内容で、中でもプリミティブな打楽器のアンサンブルに子供を交えた合唱が入る”Bosobè”,"Kokoyandongo"の両曲、ソロからデュエットに移る女性二人が赴くまま歌う”Dikoboda Sombe”は心奪われます。いやーすごいです。

A1 - Mongombi

A2 - Anduwa

A3,4 - Dikoboda Sombe

A5 - Bosobè

B1 - Kokoyandongo

B9 - Monzoli