Afraid Of Mice - S.T

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Label:Not On Label (Afraid Of Mice self-released)


Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (totally good shape, only feel slight surface noise at mainly quiet part

Jacket:VG (tear part, tape marks, light wears/wrinkles) w/insert

Rare privately released album by Afraid Of Mice, a new wave band formed in Liverpool, England. Released in 1983, the album has a wide range of compositions from ambient to obscure to reggae style. Especially B5 "Little World" is excellent. It's also a studio album while making it like a bootleg and limited 1000 copies.

英リヴァプールで結成されたニューウェーヴバンドAfraid Of Miceの稀少となっている自主製作盤。リリースは83年でアンビエント感覚~オブスキュア~レゲエ調な楽曲まで幅広い構成となっています。特にB5”Little World”は秀逸。ブートレグっぽい作りながらスタジオアルバムというのも乙。1000枚のみの限定盤。

A2 - Play The Game

A5 - Beautiful View

A6 - The Beadle Bumble

B1 - Faith Hope And Charity

B2 - Sugar Mommy

B3 - Funny Lady

B5 - Little World