Abou Sylla Et Baobab ‎– Baobab À Paris Vol. 1 - On Verra Ça?

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Label:Productions Ledoux


Used LP 1978

Disc:VG (please make sure long audio clips,has scratch,back noise,hair lines,small skip. we judge it not too hard to listen)

Jacket:VG- (tape repair,break.cut,stain,writing,etc)

One of two albums released in 1978 by Abou Sylla, a percussionist from Guinea, and Orchestra Baobab, a Senegalese Afro-Cuban band with many Masterpieces. masterpiece of a great performance, full of grooves as good as the real one in Cuba.The disc has been deemed not so much as unlistenable. Please take a listen longer sample of all the songs.

ギニア出身の打楽器奏者Abou Syllaと名作を多数残すセネガルの大所帯アフロキューバンバンドOrchestra Baobabが78年にタッグを組んでリリースされた二枚のアルバムの一枚。本場キューバに引けを取らないグルーヴに満ちた素晴らしい演奏の名盤。盤は聴けない程ではないとの判断です。サンプル全曲長めに取ってありますの聴いてみて下さい。

A1 - On Verra Ça

A2 - Mi Son

A3 - Sibam

B1 - Wane Ma Maguiss

B2 - El Son Te Llama

B3 - Thiossane

Materials : Needle:GRADO GOLD 1 (1.5g),Technics SL-1200MK5