A Produce ‎– The Clearing

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Label:Trance Port


Used LP 1988

Disc:VG+/EX (great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (has very slightly tape mark on right bottom(photo available),very light wear,strongly great condition,) w/original insert

A Produce a.k.a. Barry Craig's colleagues in the LA underground scene cultivated since the 1980s and a masterpiece created in 1988. Produced by Scott Frase, an improvised guitarist who leaves the classic "Architecture".According to him, "it was an exploration in abstract sound or conceptual space" was included in this album, from beginning to end, it has a minimal sound composition but it has a rich sound and the floating sound fills the whole area.Original press limited to 500 copies.

A ProduceことBarry Craigが80年代より培ったLAアンダーグラウンドシーンの仲間達と88年に作り上げた超傑作。プロデュースには名作"Architecture"を残す即興ギタリストScott Fraseが参加。本人曰く”抽象的な音や概念的な空間の探求”を本アルバムに込めたという通り終始ミニマルに最低限の音構成ではあるものの湧き出る芳醇な音の泉、浮遊する音彩の揺らめきが全体を埋め尽くしています。500部限定のオリジナルプレス。

A1 - Farming In Arabia

A2 - Tunnels

A4 - Pulse 

B4 - The Clearing