Takashi Nishioka = 西岡たかし ‎– ボクを郵便で送りましょう―いやなやつ

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Used 7" 1969

Disc:VG+ (light surface noise at especially quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (light brown wear)

7" single in 1969 by Takashi Nishioka, who was active in the folk group "Five Red Balloons" and also participated in solo activities and many sessions, and was known for his avant-garde sound that distinguished him from the folk world at that time. It seems that he keeps talking even if he is not a MC at live performances,with that kind of feeling, a unique folk song that you do not know whether it is conversation or lyrics is recorded on both sides. The experimental B-side is particularly interesting. Would love for the Himitsu Kessya 〇〇 Kyodan and GU listeners to hear this. 


A - ボクを郵便で送りましょう―いやなやつ

B - 退屈なうつり変り―ポケットは空っぽ