Yosuke Aranishi = 荒西要介 & Free Birds – Sound In Victron

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Label:Not On Label – VL-001


Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+/VG (autographed by artist, light wear)

Self-produced album of live performance recording by Aranishi Yosuke, a keyboard player/composer who worked as a director at Victor, with Free Birds led by drummer Morisako Hiroshi. Composition of all instrumental tunes including the competition winning A1/A3 tunes. A5 "You Take" which has a bossa nova rhythm and a feminine feel, and A4 "Cosmo Child" which has an interesting groove and dynamic rhythm work. The songwriting is a mix of free thinking and playfulness, which is typical of independent releases.

ビクターでディレクターを務めていた鍵盤奏者/作曲家 荒西要介がドラマー盛迫浩率いるFree Birdsとのライブを記録した自主製作盤。コンクール受賞曲A1/A3を含む全てインスト曲の構成。当店的にはボサノバのリズムと女性っぽさを演出したA5"ユーテイク"や面白いグルーヴと躍動的なリズムワークが印象的なA4”コスモ チャイルド”がオススメ。自主盤らしい自由な発想と遊び心が混ざったソングライティングが魅力的。

A1 - ファビュラスフリーバーズ (素晴らしい自由な鳥たち)

A3 - スナイパー

A4 - コスモ チャイルド

A5 - ユーテイク

B2 - キャット ダンシング

B4 - サイクロン

All this YouTube sound sources are recorded from this copy.