Bikousui = 美光水 – Sunset Highway

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Used 7" 1987

Disc:VG+ (slight wrapped bit sway not affect to sound, good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs/wrinkles)

Probably the only work by Bikousui, formed by three porn stars. The boogie-type "Sunset Highway" on the A-side, and the breezy driveling city pop "Moonlight Driving" on the B-side. Both tunes are quite good.

三人のAV女優により結成された美光水のおそらく唯一作。ブギータイプの”Sunset Highway”をA面、ブリージンなドライビン・シティポップ”Moonlight Driving”をB面に収録。両曲ともなかなかいい感じです。

A - Sunset Highway

B - Moonlight Driving