Masanori Sasaji = 笹路正徳 ‎– クリスタル☆ドラゴンII

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Used LP 1985

Disc:VG+(only has slight surface noise at quiet part, totally great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (clean) w/obi,insert

The second soundtrack to the adventure fantasy manga "Crystal☆Dragon" by Masanori Sasaji. Kazuhiro Tokieda and Yumi Murata are participating. As with the first album, it contains ambient and downtempo tunes with a progressive and fantastical feel, most notably B2 which has a mysterious development and B4 an ethno tune with a truly Christel-like synth melody. Don't miss the A3/A4 track.


A3 - サークレット

A4 - 不思議な島

B2 - ウーナの嘆き

B4 - ルーン