Tokihiko Morishita = 森下登喜彦 – Yokai Genso = 妖怪幻想

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Label:Victor – KVX-1039


Used LP 1978

Disc:VG+ (vinyl has vinyl tanning not affect to sound, looks great)

Jacket:VG+ (light wears/scuffs) w/booklet, missing obi

This 1978 released work that expresses the world view of "Yokai", whose existence has been handed down from ancient times, which is mentioned in historical books such as "Kojiki" and "Nihonshoki". Originally inspired by the scarcity of literature on the "sound" of Yokai, and it was completed over a long period of time under the supervision of Shigeru Mizuki by Tokihiko Morishita, known for "Toccata". The accompanying booklet with Yokai paintings by Shigeru Mizuki and episodes, Morishita's sound that moves between jazz, classical, contemporary, and progressive music, and the realism and vividness of Yokai add up to a brilliant "sound" depiction of the world of Yokai, where the real world and the otherworldly worlds intersect. Among them, "Kappa", over 7 minutes long and tells a story, "Tanukibayashi" which depicts a Taiko drumming sound and electronic cosmic space, and "Azukiarai" which expresses a mysterious presence with a new age feeling, are all worth listening to. A masterpiece of Japanese electronic music that has been neatly created to the sound. Keishi Urata also participates as a member of Rocky Mount Circle.

『古事記』,『日本書紀』といった歴史書にも記載があるという古来からその存在が語り継がれる「妖怪」の世界観を電子音にて表わした78年の作品。元々妖怪の「音」に関する文献が少ない事を発端に、「Toccata」で知られる奇才森下登喜彦が水木しげる監修の元、長い歳月をかけて完成させたもの。付属の水木しげるによる妖怪画とエピソードが書かれたブックレット、森下のジャズ、クラシック、現代音楽、プログレ等を行き来するサウンド、そこに妖怪の臨場感や生々しさが加わり現世と異界が行き交う妖怪の世界が見事なまでに「音」として描き出されています。中でも7分を超えるストーリー仕立ての”河童”、太鼓音と電子コズミック空間を描き出した”狸囃子”、ミステリアスな存在をニューエイジ感覚で表したような”小豆洗い”は聴き応えあります。音の隅々まで端正に作り込まれた日本電子音楽名盤。浦田恵司もRocky Mount Circleの一員として参加しています。

A1 - 河童

A4 - ぬらりひょん

B1 - 狸囃子

B3 - 小豆洗い