Kiyoshi Yamaya and Contemporary Sound Orchestra = 山屋清とコンテンポラリー・サウント・オーケストラ ‎– Ryukyu = 琉球

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Label:Columbia ‎– CORR-11233


Used CDr 2017



Kiyoshi Yamaya, who has supported the Japanese jazz scene since the early days of Japan's jazz scene, is also famous as the "Modern Jazz Trio" with Norio Maeda and Keitaro Miho.This is a masterpiece created with the image of Okinawa with the performers of Okinawa Shamisen, Koto and Taiko, one of his most popular works.His arrangements that incorporate traditional music and can be understood in modern times are sublimated into music that only he can make. Original record is very high recently.


T1 - Ryukyu Miyabi = 琉球みやび

T2 - Ryukyu No Umi = 琉球の海 

T3 - Ryukyu No Sora = 琉球の空