Object X from Outer Space = 宇宙からの物体X – Science Fiction

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Label:Panam – GW-4041


Used LP 1978

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

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Moonriders, led by Keiichi Suzuki, under the alias "Object X from Outer Space. This is an image album that reflects the nostalgic science fiction experience of his boyhood, influenced by fantasy writer Ray Bradbury and other writers. The imaginary space of Keiichi Suzuki's own imagination, which all boys can imagine at least once is spread out, such as "Escape from Earth" singing a song of eternity,  the romantic tune "SF boy" who fantasizes about love in space. Hideki Matsutake, Lion Merry have participated in this project.


A1 - HAL9000

A2 - 地球脱出

A4 - S.F.少年

B1 - スター・タップ