Pomade & kompeito = ポマード&コンペイ党 - 口裂け女をつかまえろ!/ザ・おまじない

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Label:King Records


Used 7" 1979

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (small writing

7 "single in 1979 that seems to have been produced by taking advantage of the Kuchisakeonna(Slit-Mouthed Woman) boom at that time. The music was composed and arranged by Goro Awami, who has worked on many trip soundtracks. The B-side "The Omajinai", which has a disco-funk flow and an Ondo-style arrangement inserted in the middle of the song, tickles the obscure mind is recommeded, the A-side is also good, with a good moody funk boogie. Pomade and kompeito are not good for slit-mouthed women.


A - 口裂け女をつかまえろ!/ザ・おまじない

B - ザ・おまじない