Chakura = チャクラ – さてこそ

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Label:Victor – SJX-30125


Used LP 1981

Disc:VG+ (great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (it has something like a tape mark, but it's not noticeable, totally good/clean condition) w/insert. There is an obi, but it has been cut and removed.

Second album in 1981 by Chakra. A magical work with Haruomi Hosono's production added to a unique and mysterious melody/arrangement that was radical at the time. In addition to the beat tunes "Myun Myun","Free","Medaka", and "Hohoemu" with a variety of music inprovisation in a more free form, oriental dub-like "You Need Me" in which Haruomi Hosono started building synths, while the rest of the tunes were just advice, are also amazing. True masterpiece.

板倉文,小川美潮を中心としたチャクラの81年のセカンドアルバム。当時としては先鋭的なユニークかつ不思議なメロディー/アレンジにチャーハン細野のプロデュース、松竹秀樹のプログラミングが加わったマジカルな作品。ビートを持った”ミュンミュン”,"Free",”めだか”に加え、より自由なフォームで多彩な音響で構築された”微笑む”、細野晴臣が他の曲はアドバイス程度だったところ、一からシンセを組み始めたオリエンタル・ダブ的”You Need Me”もたまりません。最高!

A1 - めだか

A2 - ミュンミュン

A4 - You Need Me

B2 - Free

B4 - 微笑む