Coelacanth = シーラカンス ‎– もしもタヌキが世界にいたら

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Label:For Life Records


Used Picture 7" 1983

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (clean)

A color vinyl 7 "single containing the songs of the 80's representative TV program" Naruhodo! The World ". Ryuichi Sakamoto composed/arranged the smooth dreamy synth-pop style of "Moshimo Tanuki ga Sekai ni Itara", which is the coelacanth version on the A-side, and The B-side includes "Coelacanth's You're My Sunshine" arranged by Kenichiro Morioka, who is known for providing music for Momoe Yamaguchi and Yuzo Kayama. A rare picture-record specification coated with a world map using the orthographic method.


A - もしもタヌキが世界にいたら

B - シーラカンスのユーアーマイサンシャイン