Ole Lukkøye = Оле Лукойе ‎– Запара

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Used LP 1993

Disc:VG+/VG (looks great but has surface/back noise at especially quiet part due to pressing quality,Beggining of A1 has circumferential scratch, please check audio sample, We don't put condition on a standard within Russia)  

Jacket:VG (cheap paper sleeve has age scrubs,crease,scratch but no cut/break/split)

'93 album of underground experimental band Ole Lukkøye in Leningrad Oblast with St. Petersburg as the capital. It's a massive frontier sound that condenses 4th world grooves, shamanism ,ethno feeling from the vastness of the earth. It completely will take you to another world. The surface is clean but there is some dust/back noise, probably due to the Russian pressing.

サンクトペテルブルクを州都とするレニングラード州のアンダーグラウンド・エクスペリメンタル・バンドOle Lukkøyeの93年作。異界のグルーヴ、シャーマニズム、広大な大地からのエスノ感覚などを凝縮したようなサウンドメイキング。完全に4th Worldに到達しちゃってます。A1の始めに周回の傷、表面少し擦れなどありましてチリ/バックノイズでますが音質そこまで悪くはない印象です。

A1 - Запара

A2 - Таароа

B2 - Степь

B3 - Друг Говинда

B4 - Всё Правильно