Pollo Piriz – Pedrito Malasarates

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Label:Ayuí – A/E 98K


Used Cassette 1991 Numbered

Tape:VG+ (last of A side track with our equipment, the tape sounds as if it is being stretched, rest of tracks plays fine) 

J-Card:VG+ (clean) 

A cassette-only release from Uruguayan guitarist/composer Pollo Piriz from 1991, probably his second album. Just like the first album, this is also sophisticated jazz-rock album with a Uruguayan atmosphere, but the complexity and proficiency of the sound have increased dramatically. Among them, “Pascale Color” which has an excellent organic feel and adult oriented feeling and groovy ethnic jazz-rock "Pata De Bolsa" are outstanding. Under the rader cassette release that includes tracks in which Hugo Fattoruso and Begoña Benedetti also participated.

ウルグアイ人ギタリスト/コンポーザーPollo Pirizのおそらくセカンドと思われる91年のカセットオンリー作品。ファースト同様にウルグアイらしい空気感を潜ませた技巧派ジャズロックアルバムを完成させていますが格段に音の複雑さと熟練度が増しています。中でもラストの有機感覚にも優れ色気漂う”Pascale Color”、グルーヴィーな民族ジャズロック調”Pata De Bolsa”は絶品。他にもHugo FattorusoやBegoña Benedettiも参加した楽曲を収録した知られざる良作。

A1 - Pata De Bolsa

A2 - Pascale Color Foto

A4 - Pantalon De Lana

B2 - Pobre Colombina

B3 - El Salio Por La Ventana Del Baño

B4 - Pascale Color

All this YouTube sound sources are recorded from this copy.