Toni Morlà – Idò

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Label:Blau – A-004


Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (slight surface noise, totally good condition)

Jacket:VG+ (light wears, totally good condition) w/insert

1983 release work by SSW/poet Toni Morlà from Majorca. It’s characterized by story-like poems sung with persuasive vocals as if telling a story. The pastoral atmosphere is mixed with guitar, piano, flute, etc., and the style is full of flavor. The spacy "El Tio Toni" with synths is one of the best songs. We heard that this one is highly acclaimed locally.

マジョルカ島出身のSSW/詩人Toni Morlàによる83年の作品。語るような説得力のあるヴォーカルで歌うストーリー仕立ての詩が特徴的な作品。牧歌的な空気感にギター、ピアノ、笛等が交じる味わい深い作風。中でもシンセ聞いたスペイシーな”El Tio Toni”は名曲。現地では愛される作品と伺いました。

A1 - Cala Deià

A2 - Utopia

B5 - El Tio Toni