Dust Sessions ‎– The Dangerous Trip To The Little Pink Houses

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Label:Noisex Music


Used LP 1990

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+/VG (scuffs/wrinkles, small tape mark on back, please check photos)

The only album by Dust Sessions led by Bernar Marks, who runs Noisex Music, the label that released the Spanish treasure piece "Belver Yin - Luz Bel". It's total buzzing post-wave sound with an unusual atmosphere from the cover, such as free-wave B5 "Petite Suisse Abuse" with fully obscure electronic sounds, A4 "The Second Chance" where drifting development and wired electronic sounds intersect, synth tune A3 "Neon Arrives" with guitar riffs like Belver Yin, B2 "Rue Montparnasse" with strange vocals and electronics. Also recommended for those who like electronic modulation works by Daniel Vallancien, Maurizio Giammarco + Andrea Centazzo, Vistas Fijas. Re-stock.

スパニッシュ秘宝"Belver Yin – Luz Bel"のリリース元Noisex Musicを主宰するBernar Marksを中心としたDust Sessionsによる唯一作。ジャケからして普通ではない雰囲気が漂うポストウェーヴ秘境的内容で、オブスキュアな電子音がまとわりつくフリーウェーヴB5”Petite Suisse Abuse”、漂うような展開と怪しげな電子音が交差するA4”The Second Chance”、まるでBelver Yinのようなギターリフが鳴るシンセ・チューンA3”Neon Arrives To Town”、奇妙なヴォーカルと電子使いB2”Rue Montparnasse”など全編みなぎっています。Daniel Vallancien,Maurizio Giammarco + Andrea Centazzo,Vistas Fijasなどの電子変調作品が好きな方にも推薦。ようやく再入荷できました。

 A1 - Child Can Talk

A3 - Neon Arrives To Town

A4 - The Second Chance

B1 - Manusong (Live)

B2 - Rue Montparnasse

B4 - La Cosa

B5 - Petite Suisse Abuse