Dino Del Monte Nahor – Zimbal, Los Cuatro Elementos

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Label:Grabaciones Accidentales – GA-089


Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+ (feel slight surface noise as very quiet record, looks shiny and plays excellent)

Jacket:VG+ (light price sticker mark on back, totally good condition) w/insert

Romanian musician Dino Del Monte Nahor, who plays the Cimbalom, a percussion string instrument that has been passed down from Central to Eastern Europe, released this album from the prestigious Spanish label Grabaciones Accidentales. Produced by Juan Alberto Arteche (ex Finis Africae), the Cimbalom and Santur performances are a moving fusion of traditional instruments and cutting-edge sound acoustics. The jacket, which he himself drew depicting the four elements, is also wonderful.

中欧から東欧に伝わる打弦楽器ツィンバロン奏者であるルーマニア人音楽家Dino Del Monte Nahorがスペイン名門Grabaciones Accidentalesからリリースの一枚。プロデュースをJuan Alberto Arteche(ex Finis Africae)が手掛けたツィンバロムやサントゥールの演奏が心を揺さぶる伝統楽器と先鋭音響の融合。四元素を表した自身が描いたジャケットも素敵。