Comando Bruno & Avant-Dernières Pensées – Muestras Sin Valor

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Label:Discos Esplendor Geometrico – EG - 004


Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+/VG (B side has small scratch affect to sound as circle noise, rest of tracks are plays fine and good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (clean)

Muestras Sin Valor was released in 1986 by Avant-Dernières Pensées, a unit composed of experimental musician/video artist Anton Ignorant who was active in the Catalan experimental scene, and Comando Bruno, a sound/video artist who actively released many in the 1980s and left many collaborative works. This is an LP version that was originally released on cassette and was rebuilt in the same year. A microcosm of imagination in which fragments of home-recorded material are collaged prose-like. It's a mental journey through the internal world, weaving in and out of concrete sounds that sound like the cries of birds and dogs. From Discos Esplendor Geometrico label, known for releases by Jabir, Macromassa and others, founded by derivative members of Aviador Dro.

カタルーニャの実験シーンで活動した実験音楽家/映像作家Anton IgnorantによるユニットAvant-Dernières Penséesと、80年代に活発的にリリースを残しコラボレーション作品も多く残しているサウンド/ビデオアーティストComando Brunoによる86年作。元はカセットでリリースしたものを同年に再構築したLP版。様々な素材をコラージュした宇宙、インダストリアル、前衛を飲み込んだイマージナル・サウンドスケープ。内的世界の構築しながらもどこかユーモアを覗かせる全7曲を収録。Aviador Droの派生メンバーが設立したJabir, Macromassa等のリリースで知られるDiscos Esplendor Geometricoから。

A1 - Intro. La Verdad

A2 - Hermeneutica Dura

A3 - Landler

A4 - Helix (Febrer 1929)